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Brotherhood / Sisterhood Activities

1. “Roses to” 

Write “Roses to” on the top of a sheet of paper and pass it around during the meeting.  Have people write down anonymous positive statements to other members such as “Roses to Rene for planning a successful banquet” or “Roses to John for being a good friend” etc. 

2. “Tipsies to”  

It can be done in conjunction with “Roses to”.  Only this time, it will state something silly that someone did throughout the week like “Tipsies to Veronica for receiving a pie in the face” or “Tipsies to Graham for turning right on the ‘Left Face’ command.” 

3. Pass the gavel, chapter mascot, candle, etc. discussion  

Sit in a circle.  Have each member express their concerns for the chapter and any underlying negative issues that may be lying at the bottom of their hearts. Participants should be forewarned that they may not like some of the things they are going to hear, but that now is the time to express all concerns and work through the issues. Make sure everyone agrees that nothing discussed in the meeting will leave the room later.  Likewise, no one should be allowed to leave the room mad. An uninvolved individual should preferably conduct this activity.  As the discussion progresses, this person should take notes on possible goals for your chapter.  Prior to leaving, have people reveal the things they do like about the chapter as well.  This type of discussion should always end on a positive note.  You may find that a lot of personal hostilities are brought into the discussion.  If so, allow things to progress so long is it is conducted in a respectable manner (i.e. no name calling or slander.)

4. Joy and Frustration  

Prior to the meeting, have everyone state one joy and one frustration about their current life activities.  This will allow people time to share their personal business prior to beginning the chapter business. 

5. Angel of the Week 

Reward your chapter mascot to a brother/sister who has done something outstanding for another member or the chapter as a whole.  Take nominations from the floor, and then take a vote.  The mascot will go home with them until it is awarded to someone else at the next meeting. 

6. Teddy Bear encouragement  

Obtain a chapter teddy bear. Allow members to express a deep concern or fear about a current life situation that they are facing (sick family member, major test, etc.) Then allow the membership to vote on whom the teddy bear should go home with to comfort during the week. 

7. Factors and Qualities Notebook  

Take a notebook and write one factor or quality at the top of each page.  Each week, give the notebook to a different member.  Throughout the week, the “carrier of the book” should pay careful attention to the actions of each member.  If she/he notices someone exemplifying a specific quality or factor of KKY/TBS, the carrier should write down the person's name on the appropriate page along with a brief description of their actions.  These can then be read at the next meeting. 

8. Your thoughts here!

Each week assign a different member to plan the chapter bonding activity for the next week.  This will provide all chapter individuals a chance to take an active part in the sorority.  It will give them experience in brainstorming, planning, and leading an activity. 



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