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Delegate Participation


Be sure to attend all meetings and activities. Each delegate will be assigned to sit on or chair a designated committee. These meetings are mandatory as well as the various sessions of the conventions.


Ask questions. There is no such thing as a dumb question. Remember, someone else may be wondering the same thing.


Be prompt. It is vital for the chapter delegate to be on time to the convention and the various sessions. The seating of the delegates will go a lot faster, if all delegates and proxies are available to be seated. Likewise, if you show up late to a session, someone else may be asked to take your place. The meetings can not begin until all chapters are represented.


Listen Alertly. As delegate you will be asked to vote upon several important issues which will ultimately effect the way your chapter is run as well at the District and National organizations. Thus, it is vital for everyone to be kept well informed during the meetings.


Be additive, not repetitive. During the discussion, be sure that your chapter's view is represented. However, as discussion time is one of the key factors in the meeting sessions running late, be sure your point has not already been stated by another chapter. When making a point, try to make it as brief and understandable as possible.


No side conversations. Please be respectful of your district president, the person with the floor and your fellow delegates by holding all side conversation till the end of the meeting. Conventions are meant to be fun, but not at the expense of the others or the organization.


Be open and honest. We are all sisters and brothers.  Thus, we are all expected to maintain that the oath we took. Likewise, if a member of your chapter is not upholding the policies of our organizations, you are on your honor to correct the situation.


Appreciate all points of view. Often times, the minority opinion can point out valid faults or areas of consideration with the majority opinion. Every chapter delegate has an equal vote and is just as important to the business at had as the presiding officer.


Be receptive and open-minded. The decisions made will represent the well being of the District or National organization as a whole. Although you may disagree with a decision, it is everyone's responsibility to abide by the consensus of the majority. Once a decision is made, everyone should do his/her part to insure it is carried out professionally and in a timely fashion.


Even though these are business meetings, everyone should remember that we are here as sisters, brothers, and Membership Candidates with a common purpose!


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