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Basic Roles of a District Officer


District Level . . . .

You are a leader.  The members of your District will look to you for answers and information.  The National Council, National Headquarters, and your Counselor will provide this to you through voice, written, or electronic communication.  In addition, they will need your input on issues and inner workings of the Fraternity/Sorority and be able to communicate with the membership as well as the sorority leadership.  You should be proactive and positive about our organization and the advancement of our ideals and projects.  At this level you are the judge, the investigator, the referee and the individuals responsible for joint relations.

National Level . . . .

You are a leader and a follower.  The National Council looks to you for leadership on special projects, National Convention committees, as well as for feedback and input on ideas and issues.  As a student leader, you are a role model to many of the members.  We look for you to communicate policies and procedures to the membership of your District.  You assist the colonization efforts, assist chapters with problems, and are a vital part of making sure that the chapters in your District meet their national obligations.

Chapter Level . . . .

You are a team player.  Many district Officers are active members of a local chapter.  It is important to remember that while you are a leader on the District level you are a member of a chapter and, therefore, should follow the e rules outlined by the chapter constitution.  You may have a better insight into the Fraternity/Sorority than the chapter leadership, however, it is your duty to share information and work with the chapter to develop better leaders and members.  Please do not pull rank on your chapter's officers -- that can put you in an awkward situation.  In fact, some District Officers serve as chapter officers as well.  That may keep you busy; remember those time management skills.  You may even be able to ask some of the members of your chapter to assist you with mail outs or other tasks you need to complete.


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