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Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma use a National Listserve to send out announcements and allow our members to announce things such as chapter activities and rituals dates, etc. The section below discuss how to get on and use our listserve and answer several frequently asked questions pertaining to our listserve.


As usual, if you have any questions not answered here feel free to call our National Headquarters at 405.372.2333 or e-mail us at

How do I get on the listserve?

You need to send an e-mail to Peter Murray at Let Peter know if you want to participate on the unmoderated list AND the moderated list. Membership on the moderated list is required for membership on the unmoderated list.


After you e-mail him requesting to be on the listserve, you will then be sent a questionnaire. When you have answered all the questions, e-mail the answers back to Peter. He will then check your answers and subscribe you to the listserve.

What is the difference between the 2 lists?

Generally, the moderated list ("KKYTBS-L") is for fraternity and sorority related business only. Anything else can be discussed on the unmoderated list. More specifically:


KKYTBS-L -- The KKYTBS-L list will deal with topics directly related to the fraternity and sorority. Announcements Moderated of dues/reports, discussions of ways to recruit and train new members, how to retain current members and keep in touch after graduation, fundraising ideas, etc. will all be topics on KKYTBS-L.


KKYTBS -- The KKYTBS list will be an unmoderated list for everything else. Topics include request for e-mail Unmoderated addresses for chapters, site visits, DCI discussions, marching band humor, or anything else you want to talk about.


These lists are dedicated to the distribution of information for, and conversations of, members of the Kappa Kappa Psi fraternity and Tau Beta Sigma sorority. Please note that since there are both Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma members on these lists, discussion of matters that pertain only to one organization (i.e., rituals, etc.), or is secretive in nature, is forbidden. If you have any questions on what is and is not permitted, contact Peter Murray at

How do I post on the list?

To post a message on the listserve, send an email to the following:




How can I change my listserve e-mail address?
You need to email Peter Murray at He can make the change. You need to include your current email address and your new email address in the body of the e-mail.
How do I "Quit" the list?

When you're ready, you can remove yourself from the list permanently by sending these two lines in the body of an e-mail message to


Can I be removed from the list for the summer/holidays?

Yes! You can be temporarily removed from the list for any duration of time! If you'll have the same email address after the break, follow the instructions in the above section.


If your email address will change over the summer/holidays, remove yourself from list by sending these two lines in the body of an e-mail to




Then, re-subscribe with your new email account. For instructions on re-subscribing, check "How can I change my listserve e-mail address" above.

Why am I subscribed to two lists?

You are subscribed to two different lists in order to help keep important issues and not so important issues separate.


One of the lists is moderated to make sure that the messages stay on subject.

Listserve Command Reference (For Advanced Users)

Info - Order documentation
Lists - Get a description of all lists
SIGNOFF listname - Sign off from a list
SIGNOFF * - (NETWIDE - from all lists on all servers)

REView listname - Review a list
Query listname - Query your subscription options
SET listname options - Update your subscription options
INDex - Order a list of LISTSERV files
GET filename filetype - Order a file from LISTSERV
REGister full_name|OFF - Tell LISTSERV about your name

How do I find out if someone from another university is on the list?

You could send a message out to the unmoderated list, but a better way to see is by retrieving a list of all of the list members and browsing the list for the person's name. To retrieve a list of all brothers and sisters subscribed to the list, send a an e-mail to with the following in the body of the email:



You may also substitute KKYTBS with KKYTBS-L, depending on which list you want to query. This gives you all the options and everyone subscribed.

What does it mean when a list is "moderated"?
Email messages sent to the moderated list ("KKYTBS-L") are first directed to the list owner to make sure the topic of the message is appropriate for the moderated list. Messages are reviewed by the list owner several times a day, and it is rare that a message will not be reviewed within 24 hours. If the message is off-topic for the moderated list, it will be sent back to the author with an explanation of the difference of the two lists.
Can I only be on one list?
Yes, you may only be on one list, but that list has to be the moderated list. Membership on the unmoderated list is optional.
How do I get into contact with National Headquarters?

Send an e-mail to the address listed to contact the appropriate person from the National Headquarters: - This is the general National Headquarters address. If you have a question and do not know to whom to direct it, this is the address you should use. We will make sure that your question gets to the right person. - This is the address for the National Executive Director. Please use this address if you have questions about our organization's policies. - This is the address for the National Headquarters AccountantDiana Spiva. Diana is responsible for our financial records and district requisitions. If you have questions regarding these subjects, she will be more that happy to help. - This is the address for the National Headquarters Membership Services Coordinator, Debbie Morris. It is usually her voice you hear when you call National Headquarters. She does the data entry of initiates and the printing of their shingles and cards. - This is the address for the Alumni Historical and Development Coordinator, Aaron Moore. Aaron works with all of our alumni groups as well as with our archives to keep everything in order and keep all of our historical documents safe. He's always working on properly archiving our history as well as working to ensure our alumni are well connected. - This is the address for the National Publications Manager and Multimedia Designer, Robert Bratcher. As the National Publications Manager and Multimedia Designer, Nick designs all certificates, manuals, publications and is the editor/designer of the Podium. He is also Webmaster and Web Editor for both organizations. This is where you send PODIUM articles. - This is the address for the KKΨ National Chapter Field Representative, Yvonne Daye. This will be a permanent address no matter who is in the position. If you have concerns about your Kappa Kappa Psi Chapter or need assistance in scheduling a visit, this is the place to write. - This is the address for the KKΨ National Chapter Field Representative, Zeb Watkins. This will be a permanent address no matter who is in the position. If you have concerns about your Kappa Kappa Psi Chapter or need assistance in scheduling a visit, this is the place to write.

How can I find other chapters' homepages?

Follow the links listed from the National Headquarters website:

Click here for Kappa Kappa Psi

Click here for Tau Beta Sigma

Letter from Andy Lurig (virus hoaxes)

Ever gotten an email warning of a malicious virus hidden in an email? Or how about a kidney theft ring? Maybe Bill Gates is giving you $1000? Or some poor child needs you to send an email to the Cancer Society so it can donate 5 cents to help this child get better? 

Welcome to my hell. Some unsuspecting friend always sends me a forward with a variation of any of the above emails. No matter how much I tell them it's not true, they keep coming. You'd think that peopel would notice that practically all the warnings look almost EXACTLY alike, with only a few details changed. So I decided to write this, to help educate whomever is willing to read it about these email/virus HOAXES. Below are some guidelines or examples, or at the very least a clarification as to how viruses work and how impossible many things suggested in emails REALLY is. Oh, and a few websites for kicks.


Stage 1: Some Basic Facts
- A virus is a program, just like your Netscape, IE, or AOL. You have to RUN it (in today's operating systems that's pretty much a double click) for it to work.
- Emails are just text. Some include HTML (the language used to create webpages) and some are in MIME format (you might see that at the top of some messages) which is just an advanced text. Since an email is only text, and not a program, just READING or OPENING an EMAIL can not start a virus.
- The only way to get a virus in an email is as an attachment. If you don't download the attachment (no matter how tempting it may be), you can't get the virus. Period.
- Also, since an email is only text, there is no such thing as a TRACKING PROGRAM. It's not possible. The only people who can track when someone opens an email sent by someone else is AOL, and this is only if the email is sent from one AOL user to another. This is because the emails and everything is saved on the AOL network, and they are aware of every detail because they are in control of it all.
- Simply by forwarding an email to 10 people, nothing is going to 'pop-up' such as Southpark lost episodes. The email isn't sentient, and doesn't know or care to whom or how many times your forward it.


Stage 2: Simple Advice
- First off, if the email is a FORWARD (abbreviated FWD:) or has tons of HEADERS (those sort of mini-paragraphs at the top of messages with lots of email addresses), be wary. 9 times out of 10 it's not worth your time.
- If you get an email from a friend with an attachment that you weren't expecting, aks your friend why they sent it to you and what it is before you download it. a few hours wait is worth it, compared to the $$ and time spent rebuilding your hard drive after a malicious virus.
- If you aren't on AOL and just connect through school, get an email account on Hotmail that is used for when people send you attachments. Don't worry, it's free. The reason is that Hotmail offers virus scan at the click of a button of an attachment, without having to download it. It's done by McAfee, one of the leaders in Anti-Virus.


Stage 3: Some Examples
- The whole kidney theft ring is a hoax. There is no black market for organs, and the procedure is MUCH more delicate and precise than these 'thieves' could perform. This is an Urban Legend. for more information on the details, check out:
- Why would Bill Gates give you $1000? Why would Disney give you free tickets? Windows98 costs over $100... would you give away your source of income? The fact is, if someone sends an email that says, "FORWARD THIS and get [insert prize here]!", DELETE IT.
- The SouthPark lost episode won't pop-up after the message is FWDed. The way it works is you FWD it because you think something will happen, and the person who recieves it thinks it works because you forwarded it... it's a trick... just stop to think about it. ***this one got 5 stars from me on creativity***
- If the email is in the format: "DO NOT OPEN an email titled [insert anything here]. It's a virus and will fry your Hard Drive! [insert credible company name like IBM here] has confirmed this virus. AOL has also said that this is a dangerous virus." It's a little lengthier, but you get the idea. It's a template (set format) virus warning.
- Emails setup so you send an email to a certain address, such as helping a young girl get a 5 cent donation, or to raise money for world peace, are created by people who are just plain a$$holes. Their goal: make up some sap story so that a credibly companies email boxes gets cluttered and their lives are hell. Don't help them... hit DELETE.


Stage 4: Keeping up-to-date
Here are two websites that have information on specific email hoaxes and virus hoaxes. One is from a government company, while the other is from an ISP (Internet Service Provider). Both are informative, with the government one being more technical, and the ISP one being easier to navigate. (GOVERNMENT ONE)

Become familiar with it. Take it to dinner, talk dirty to it, make it feel special, but never resist hitting/clicking it when the time comes. It'll appreciate it almost as much as you will. Good luck.

Andy Lurig
Kappa Kappa Psi - Eta Sigma


Viruses, etc...
From time to time, viruses are sent unknowingly (hopefully) in an e-mail to the listserv. Usually, the viruses come in the form of attachments. If you are ever uncertain about an attachment, DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT!! But if you do, here are a few sites that can help you get rid of them.
Other Helpful Resources:
  • Check Brother Andy Lurigs letter above...

One thing to also consider with e-mail viruses are the links contained in emails. If you will put your mouse over any and all links in an email, the status bar will show you where that link takes you. If it takes you to somewhere not related to the sender, do NOT open it!

Links ending in .exe are the ones to watch for. Also, any email that looks like it's from PayPal, eBay, MySpace or any other site you routinely visit/use should be looked at closely and with extreme caution!!! These emails can link to sites that store your login and password and hack into your account.


Lastly... Change your passwords often!!!



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