NewsNotes On-line

NewsNotes On-Line
Kappa Kappa Psi & Tau Beta Sigma Electronic Newsletter
Volume 3, Number 9
November 20, 2001

In This Issue:

  • KKPsi & TBS Announce More New Colonies!
  • Fall Issue of PODIUM shipped
  • Iota Theta Chapter of KKPsi Installed
  • 2002 National Intercollegiate Marching Band Tour to Riviera Proposed Itinerary Announced

1. Kappa Kappa Psi & Tau Beta Sigma Announce New Colonies at East Texas Baptist University!

KKPsi & TBS are pleased to announce new colonies for KKPsi & TBS at East Texas Baptist University.

The National Headquarters received the Colony Application from East Texas Baptist University in Marshall, Texas with 14 KKPsi colony members and 12 TBS colony members.

ETBU is a private university and has an approximate enrollment of 1,500. Major ensembles include a Concert Band of about 60; Marching Band of 53; and 20 in the Jazz Bands. ETBU offers an undergraduate Music Degree program.

Contact information is as follows:

Mr. Thomas Webster
Director of Bands
East Texas Baptist University
1209 N. Grove St.
Marshall, TX 75670
903-935-7963 ext 5812

KKPsi Colony Information:

Dr. Doug Lockard
Assistant Director of Bands and KKPsi Sponsor
East Texas Baptist University
1209 N. Grove St.
Marshall, TX 75670

Jason Chamberland
Kappa Kappa Psi Colony President
East Texas Baptist University
1209 N. Grove St.
Marshall, TX 75670
Email c/o:

TBS Colony Information:

Ms. Lori Ellison
University Counselor & Sponsor
East Texas Baptist University
1209 N. Grove St.
Marshall, TX 75670
903-935-7963 ext 5052

Alycia Reynolds
Tau Beta Sigma Colony President
East Texas Baptist University
P.O. Box 813, 1209 N. Grove St.
Marshall, TX 75670
903-935-7963 ext 5052
Email c/o:

Congratulations on our two newest colonies

2. Fall Issue of PODIUM Shipped and other Publication Updates

The convention issue of the PODIUM was shipped to all chapters and individual subscribers on November 13th. If you have not received yours, be sure to check with your music or band office before calling the National Headquarters.

All KKPsi books & manuals have been shipped to all KKPsi chapters.

The TBS Guide to Membership Education goes to the printer today, and we hope to ship to all TBS chapters by mid-December. The TBS Guide will be available on-line by November 21, so go to and download that new manual to assist you in your Membership Candidates Education!

3. Iota Theta Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi Installed at Morehouse College
by Derrick Mills, Kappa Kappa Psi National Chapter Field Representative


It is both an honor and pleasure that I announce the first installation of a Kappa Kappa Psi Chapter for the new year. Please join me in welcoming back the Iota Theta Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi located at Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. Chapter number 224. The brothers from the Iota Chapter performed a wonderful third degree and did an outstanding job as advising chapter.

Please welcome brothers:
Michael Terrell Don Rucker - President (
Rayone Rene McGhee
Jeramy Tramaine Scotton
Willie Harrington III
Edward Delano Jonas III
Kenyata JeMauld Martin
Brian Kirkland Jones
Elisa Wayne Mooring
Timothy Michael Patterson
Brandon Alan Wright
Bernard Kasmere Short

The installation took place yesterday afternoon on campus. Several dignitaries, brothers and guests were in attendance for the installation. Chris Haughee and Warren Duncan, SED Governors were both in attendance,
Melanie Muldrow, SED President, and Michael Green, SED Member at Large. Also Attending was Jerome Jackson, NAA Board of Director and Kappa Beta Sponsor.

Brothers from the following chapters were in attendance:
Delta Iota
Zeta Phi
Eta Sigma
Kappa Beta
Kappa Mu

Also in attendance were members from the original charter line of Iota Theta chapter. Following the installation, a wonderful reception was held by the new brothers.

I look forward to the future success of the Iota Theta Chapter. Congratulations!


Derrick A. Mills
Kappa Kappap Psi
National Chapter Field Representative/ Iota Theta Installing Officer

4. Performing Arts Abroad Releases Working Intinerary for the 2002 NIMB

The National Headquarters just received a working itinerary for the 2002 NIMB tour to the French Riviera, and it looks very exciting! For those of you who are interested, the itinerary is attached in a Word document. Please understand this is still in a draft format, but it does provide a 90% probability of the things we will be doing during the trip.

If any of you have questions about the NIMB Tour, please contact National Executive Director, Lt Col Alan Bonner, USAF (ret.) at

PAA is working on travel plans for all participants at this time, and they will be providing details in the very near future. Start getting ready!!! If you have not applied for your passport, do it now! Don't wait until the last minute!!!

ATTN: District Governors/Counselors/Officers/Chapter Presidents...

Please ensure widest possible delivery to all chapters & members in your respective districts! All NewsNotes On-Line issues are available on-line at

Please help me make sure I have all the appropriate, correct email addresses. If you notice any address is in error, I would appreciate your letting me know!

Many thanks,

Lt Col Alan Bonner, USAF (Ret.)
National Executive Director








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