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Recruitment / Rush Activities

Open House

A formal presentation to announce members and sponsor and to describe the purposes and history of the Fraternity/Sorority.  It is open to all band members, the other music organizations, faculty, and any other individuals who wish to learn more about our organizations and its membership. 

Band Field Day

Host a band field day opportunity where sections could compete to win the Golden Band Nerd award, or some other nifty prize.  Have sections make up a three minute marching (playing optional) routine, high step across the field in a "three legged" style race, hold a march off, or just plain have fun. 

Provide a lunch for the Band during Band Camp

BYOB (Bring Your Own Banana) Rush

Prepare banana splits, pay games, and socialize. 

Progressive Dinner

Invite all interested members to meet at the band hall.  Then caravan to a member's house for salad. Caravan to another member's place for an entree. Caravan to another member's house for dessert. 

Host a Barbecue or Picnic at the Park

Play volleyball, swim, throw a Frisbee and have fun. 

Host a Joint Rush

Both chapters can present their membership, histories, and activities.  Explain the similarities and differences.  Explain the bond that the organizations share.  Open it up for questions and answers. 

Team Building Band Day

Prepare a variety of team building activities in an enclosed area like the band hall, gym, or practice field for the band members to participate in. This will increase the unity of the band while promoting our organizations 

Host a Talent Show

It can be wild and crazy for all band members to participate, or it can be a recital series presented by the chapter.  If the recital is done in an appropriate manner, the department head may agree to give a credit to the music majors who attend the performance. 


Reserve a Bowling Alley or Swimming Pool

Some campuses have facilities that student organizations can reserve for a night of fun and activities. 

Chocolate Fantasy Night

Have everyone bring their favorite board game or activity and musical selections.  Provide cards, movies, and PLENTY OF CHOCOLATE.  Enjoy each other's company. 

Musical Jeopardy

Develop a list of questions for categories including Classical, Soundtracks, Motown, terminology, rhythms, etc.  Give each participant a colored chip when they arrive.  Divide them into three groups accordingly.  Have each one select a spokes person, and give prizes for the winning team. 

Human Chess Game (for Larger Chapters)

Create a large Chess Board out of white and black construction paper.  Cut and paste strips of the paper together to create headbands for each of the human chess pieces.  Label the headbands accordingly with a king, a queen, 2 knights, 2 bishops, 2 rooks, and 8 pawns for each color.  You will need at least 32 people to act out the parts, and 2 people (or teams) to play.  You may want to draw names from a hat for each role.  The "players" will need to be elevated so that they can see the board at a glance. 

Blast from the Past

Invite all interested band members to your rush, with one condition, they must wear an old high school band shirt or bring some other form of memorabilia.  Have a powwow with Smores, and other fun food. Have everyone share the most exciting, funniest, proud, or embarrassing moments about their high school band days. 

Target Area High Schools

Attend high school football games. Offer to assist the director during marching rehearsals or to play with the high school band during the football games.  Provide encouragement before competitions with banners or gift bags.  This is as much a service project as it is a way to get our organization's name out to potential university band students.  The earlier band members hear about us the better their chances of joining when they become eligible. 

Work Party

Do a service project with interested band members. Take them out for ice cream or donuts afterwards.



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